Steam Your Clothes: Quick Wrinkle Removal!

7-in-1 Powerful Multi Use iSteam Purifier, Cleaner, & Wrinkle Remover!

Enjoy instantly and perfectly ironed clothes with the power of iSteam.


iSteam features a modern nozzle designed for all fabrics. Within just 60 seconds to heat up you’ll get a powerful and consistent flow of steam for ideal ironing capacity that will provide you with neat and wrinkle free clothes immediately. Iron, clean, sterilize and humidify fabrics and surfaces in minutes.

iSteam By Exagora 007

IMPORTANT: In case water is spurting out from the steamer’s nozzle while boiling, it might be related to high levels of minerals and acid. Please use distilled or pure water to prevent this.

iSteam By Exagora 003

The iSteam appliance is manufactured under strict safety guidelines as a top priority, the iSteam works through easily personalized settings and advanced functions to automatically shut itself off if it overheats or runs out of water.

iSteam By Exagora 004

This powerful clothes steamer is highly effective for all kinds of garments and gently treats all fabrics by removing bacteria’s. Erase wrinkles from suits, pants, dresses, even delicates, and beddings, just with a steam breeze. Ideal for those last minutes clothing emergencies as well as saving you time and money on unnecessary dry cleaning.

iSteam By Exagora 005

The iSteam has been exclusively designed to become the ideal portable steamer which can be easily stored and kept for any purpose. Its size and light weight makes it a perfect travel companion even for carry on luggage. You can say goodbye to those rusty and inefficient borrowed irons at your travel destinations. Make this garment steamer part of your accessory set. Just the perfect birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas present; everybody needs one!

iSteam By Exagora 006

Clothes Wrinkle Remover, Clean, Sterilize, Sanitize, Refresh, Treat, OR Defrost. iSteam is intended for Garment, Home, Kitchen, Surfaces, Drapes, Bathroom, Car, Face, or Travel!


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