Wanderlust Makeup Set by ZUZU LUXE

Wanderlust Makeup Gift Set 008

The Wanderlust Makeup Set by Zuzu Luxe works brilliantly on a variety of skin colors while providing a mysterious smoky eye and blushed lips. It comes with its very own makeup bag: “Wild at Heart!”

The wanderlust eye palette is also perfect for achieving the “color-blocked eye’s” look which has been exploding around runways. This is essentially when your smoky shade is not concentrated right above the pupil. Instead the color on your eye lid above the pupil line is where you concentrate your contrasting color (the two center colors in the WanderLuxe eye palette). The lightest shade is perfect for achieving a shine on your eyes nearest to your nose. For a visual representation of the “Color-Blocked Eye’s” look review the image below. It’s extremely easy to achieve and can work brilliantly in a variety of environments. It’s fantastic for making the color of your eyes pop and stand out more than a traditional full black smoky eye.

Wanderlust Makeup Gift Set 007
“Color-Blocked Eye’s” Eye Shadow Makeup Trend

Wanderlust Makeup Gift Set 003

Here’s another image of the wanderlust eye palette (on the right).

In the photograph below is a photo of the entire Wanderlust Zuzu Luxe Gift set. The mascara comes in Onyx to match the smoky shade of eye shadow. The circular container is the Savage Lip and Cheek cream. I like to apply it lightly on top of my nude lip gloss for a soft pink tint. For cheeks it will add a slight blush that won’t smear or lose its glow. I recommend using a blush brush when applying to the cheeks.


Wanderlust Makeup Gift Set 005
Savage Lip & Cheek Cream in a deep, merlot shade. Mascara in Onyx and the whole sha-bang!

To find out more about the Wanderlust ZUZU LUXE Gift Set or find just a particular item from the set click here.

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Wanderlust Makeup Gift Set 006

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