The Bag That Keeps Your Clothing Pressed & Organized Using Magnets!

Meet Preston by The Impressive Bag Company

You can go to work, make the meetings, switch into gym clothes, take a shower, put a suit back on without worrying about WRINKLES, and keep on zig zagging through your day… thanks to this innovative and uniquely designed two bags in one: a duffel and a garment bag. It’s all kept together seamlessly with magnets and fit any environment you find yourself in. This special model is called the Preston Travel Bag.


01 Impressed Bag Company
Easy to Get In & Out

The Impressed Bag Co. decided to revolutionize the way modern men travel. They got sick and tired of lugging around a gym bag, garment bag, and their work stuff all over town, or from airport to airport. So they did what seemed natural: they created their own solution to these every day commuter woes: the Preston Travel Bag.


05 Impressed Bag Company
The Duffel Bag & Garment Bag Become ONE

Whether taking a business trip, attending a wedding, or heading to the Hamptons for the weekend, you can now get from point A to point B wrinkle-free. Preston Travel Bag can be stowed as overhead luggage or simply detach the garment bag and hang it upon boarding your flight.

02 Impressed Bag Company
Looks Great Next to Any Attire

Step 1: Remove suit from closet and load into garment bag.

Step 2: Hold garment bag up to duffel and let the magnets do the rest.

Step 3: Sling Preston over shoulder, gargle mouthwash, conquer.

06 Impressed Bag Company
Italian Leather Exterior

Garment bag: Premium Italian leather exterior, 1.9oz ripstop nylon (ultra-lightweight water resistant) interior. Click here to learn more about this bag directly from the Impressive Bag Company.

03 Impressed Bag Company
Lightweight Water Resistant Interior

Duffel bag: 1680D ballistic nylon exterior, premium leather base, 1.9oz ripstop nylon (ultra-lightweight and water resistant) interior.
Dimensions: 11”/9.5”/20” Click here to learn more about this bag directly from the Impressive Bag Company

04 Impressed Bag Company
Great for Gym, Travel, or Business

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