Gabriel Men’s Tool Kit

Gabriel Mens Tool Kit 003

I do truly believe there are men out there that are concerned about their complexion and they shouldn’t feel ashamed to have their own products for their own vanity-sanity. Gabriel has constructed the “tool kit” for men which includes a Full size Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation and a Full size Gabriel Cream Concealer. Use the product lightly and make sure to blend into neck if you don’t have facial hair.

Ever see women wear a thick coating of concealer and foundation and for some reason their skin color changes drastically right at the neck? Avoid that by blending it lightly in with your natural skin tone where the makeup is less needed.

I’ve also heard of men who might have a small tattoo or a birth mark that they wish didn’t stand out and happens to be on their face: this Gabriel Men’s Tool Kit can help with that if it’s a concern for you.

To learn more about the product directly from its creators click here.

Gabriel Mens Tool Kit 002

This is what you’ll receive when you place your purchase and instructions and additional information is included with it, and can also be viewed by clicking here.

Below is a table of the skin colors they have available for the Gabriel Men’s Tool Kit. Click here to see the individual shades.

Gabriel Mens Tool Kit 001

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